Alternativ Engineering was founded in order to intergrate Digitalization, Big Data and Machine Learning with the target to solve problems in industry, such as outdated technology, lack of sensor integration & Data Fusion and the process automation that is based on human input, not by Data. We creating innovated, independent, low cost and competitive solutions. A strong foundation that ensures sustainable profitable growth. 



  • Sensor Development Our proprietary measurement devices leverage IoT as well as state-of-the-art sensors to ensure accurate measurements at low cost. Our team has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of sensor development.
  • Big Data We convert data into valuable insights, our data sciences have the expertise and the tools to professionally deal with the challenges of Big Data.
  • AI & ML The experts in our software team continuously enhance the algorithms to perfectly meet upcoming challenges. Our smart hardware leverages artificial intelligence  – particularly machine learning – for delivering the most valuable data from the measured values.

Let us be "your strategic partner to attain Industry 4.0 und Digitalization"!

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