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Alternativ Engineering Research team will involve in numerous national and international research projects. Our innate urge to improve results in the goal of stimulating research-based innovations and promoting newly emerging, future-oriented technologies. Innovation and scientific expertise paired with the competence to take a holistic view of things have formed the cornerstone and drive for the successful research activities of the Alternativ Engineering since the company was founded.

Continuous Microplastics detection

We focus on inovation in order to ensure tomorrow's progress today! The microplastics are found in everything from clothing to electronics particles which are more durable and flexible in thousands of combinations. As known, single-use packaging, such as plastic grocery bags and the drink bottles, is the one of the biggest categories of microplastics that makes most of the challenges in this case. please check the first  NEREID In-Line Installation in Industrial environment.

We offer a solution for problems arising from laboratory and benchtop devices and also including additional features.

UV-fluorescence is nowadays becoming the main technology for analyzing and monitoring of water quality. Microplastics are known to fluorescence, and the microplastics detection sensor detects the presence of microplastics by means of exciting and measuring fluorescence.

Fluorescence is an optical phenomenon in which a compound absorbs light at one wavelength and emits it at a longer wavelength. When fluorescent compounds are excited, some of the energy is absorbed through the excitation of electrons to higher energy states. Once the light source is removed the excited electrons fall back to their ground state, giving off light in the process.