Water Quality Monitoring System

Shedding Light on the Unknown
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Alternativ Engineering offers reliable Water 4.0 Solution, capable of accurate real time water quality monitoring. Thanks to the leading edge technology used, we can now provide you with a low cost and low maintenance water quality monitoring sensor.

Water and wastewater online monitoring helps to sustain a transparent picture of environmental pollution and to detect hazardous material rapidly, which makes fast reaction possible, as well as minimize the pollution at it’s very beginning. Real time monitoring with our solution, not only saves time but it is also cost effective and environmentally friendly.


  • Inaccuracy and unreliability of measurements 
  • Multiple probes required for multiple parameters  
  • Complicated and overpriced solutions 
  • Elaborate and multi-step laboratory work and human errors 
  • Repeated cycle-dependent calibration
  • Very time consuming 
  • Conventional technologies: Chemilab, UV-Vis


  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Single optical sensor with multiple parameters
  • Simplified source, Low OpEx and CapEx
  • Compliance with legal guidelines and standards guaranteed 
  • Monitoring Bacterias and Microplastics 
  • Real time platform (every second)
  • Data visualization with high security
  • Fluorescence technology: 10-1000x more sensitive than UV-Vis

Areas of Application

Our innovative digitalised solution can provide a transparent Water and Wastewater monitoring in the following fields

Industrial Wastewater

Strick industrial discharges regulations for organic loading can be easily monitored by our solution which can provide industries with a real-time data stream of BOD, COD and TOC ensuring compliance.It detect any irregularities and alert the users in real-time, who can act fast and minimize damages.

Wastewater Treatment

A typical  Wastewater Treatment  plant has very little control but with the use of the NEREID sensors and NEREUS cloud system it is now possible to infuse intelligence into the process and additionally guarantee environmental compliance. It can be used to measure initial load post screen, deployed after the primary settlement tanks (PSTs), deployed prior to aeration lanes to provide precise aeration control and used to ensure compliance at the discharge point.

Environmental Monitoring

In order to thrive, healthy ecosystems rely on a complex web of animals, plants, bacteria, and fungi—all of which interact, directly or indirectly, with each other. Harm to any of these organisms can create a chain effect, imperiling entire aquatic environments. Balanced levels of oxygen and other elements in water, ensures the seamless operation of this web and Nereid Multi Parameter Sensors detects changes and potential risk to the environment in real time.


Drinking Water

Our water quality monitoring platform can help to ensure safe drinking water networks and act as a vital safe guard for drink water supplies. It can monitor realtime Bacteria (e-coli), Dissolved and Total Organic Carbon and Microplastics concentration.