2024's Business Critical Stages

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Automotive Europe 2024 will address the biggest disruptions in the industry across two stages: Automotive Tech and Electrification.

Where there is disruption, there is opportunity. Through panel discussions, interactive workshops, and roundtable discussions, this event will lay out the automotive agenda in Europe for the years to come through sharing of knowledge and collaboration.

Set a new standard of competitiveness by learning how to become a leader in the integration of software and wider technology.

The global connected car market is expected to double to $191.83 billion by 2028.With smarter cars, smarter consumers, and more data at your fingertips than ever before, uncover how to provide new cabin experiences, increase revenue streams, deliver on safety and connect consumers.

  • Software Defined Vehicle – Uncover how to integrate and optimise complex software, digital and AI breakthroughs to deliver a software-defined vehicle that meets your customers lifestyles.
  • Autonomous Driving and ADAS - Leverage cameras and sensors through the data collected to identify localised problems to improve road maintenance and consequently, achieve a level of road safety demanded by consumers.
  • Evolution of the OEM Business Model – Discover why traditional business models will not be sufficient to expanding OEMs revenue, and how you can create a modern business model to meet the news ways consumers wish to interact and own vehicles.

Publish date: 27 March, 2024