NEREID In-Line first installation

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Today we installed and executed multiple system Tests on NEREID & NEREUS in industrial environment with ECOFARIO corporation in WEIG Group.

The WEIG Group is a paper recycling, cartonboard and packaging company in Mayen, Germany. Purpose of installation was the technological cross evaluation, durability and performance check. With our  new NEREID In-Line water sensor, we managed to monitor around 800 cubic liters of industrial wastewater for Monitoring microplastics such as Polyethylene (PE) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Turbidity. here is one of the measurment results and a video of installation :

■ Duration: 15 min (900s)
■ Flow Rate: 9.8 L/Min (0.163 L/s)
■ Total monitored water: 146.9 Cubic Liter
■ Temperature: 31.20 C
■ Turbidity: 16.70-17.10 NTU
■ Average measured MPs: 1.165 MPs/Cubic Liter



The result were as expected!

Thanks Alternativ Engineering TEAM and special thanks to Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Porkert from ECOFARIO.

Publish date: 10 December, 2021