• Revolutionary In-Line Sensor
  • Multi Parameter
  • Industry IoT enabled/ Water 4.0
  • Factory pre calibrated
  • Measures selected parameters
  • Extremely power efficient
  • Anti-Fouling: Copper plate
  • Communication: RS485, WiFi, Celular
  • Long term stable and maintenance free in operation

Precise Measurement

  • Revolutionary precision
  • 10-1000x more sensitive than UV-Vis
  • Fast measurement interval
  • Integrated Temperature sensor
  • Applied Machine learning

WQS cover


  • Future ready technology
  • Low OpEX & CapEx
  • meet regulatory compliance (EPA, EU)
  • Responsiveness to Fluctuations
  • High availability and fast delivery times
  • Contamination alarming system

Selectable Parameters

  • Turbidity
  • BOD / COD / TOC
  • BTEX (Refined Oil)
  • PAHs (Crude Oil)
  • Microplastics
  • Temperature

Area of applications

Smart Cities, Sewage treatment plant, Drinking water, Industrial Wastewater, Surface water, Groundwater, Marine Monitoring, Ships wastewater

Food and beverage industry, Airports wastewater, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical and petrochemical

Oil and gas industry, Energy industry, Metallurgy and mining, Pulp and paper

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